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  • Top Dog Film Festival NZ Event Producer - Natalie Ward

    Upcoming event: WellingtonĀ - tentatively rescheduled to Thurs 1st October (this will beconfirmed with ticketholders next week and is Sold Ou...
  • Pet Asia Expo - Shanghai

    We were so excited to contribute to this year's Pet Asia Expo in Shanghai! We joined over 2000 other pet exhibitors to contribute to the largest...
  • Top Dog Film Festival NZ (Coming soon!)

    We're so proud to be a sponsor for this year's Top Dog Film Festival tour in New Zealand! Over the next few months Top Dog Film Festival will be...
  • Instagram Fam

    Meet some of the dogs enjoying their B&B along with our Instagram pup-fluencers!
  • Catalina Bay Farmers Market

    Our time at the Catalina Bay Farmers Market