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In-House Roboclean Mites Removal Service

In-House Roboclean Mites Removal Service

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How does it work?

1 Place the order

2 Our service team will contact you for booking confirmation

3 Cleaning professionals will go to your house for 1 Mattress + 1 Sofa deep clean

How is Roboclean's in-house service different?

  • We provide one-one services to get the REAL cleanness
  • The traditional vacuum cleaner was designed to collect dust and dirt into a bag with pores. Fine dust particles, microbes, and other living entities could easily pass through and spew out dust and microbes into the home environment when operated. Therefore, it could get visible cleanness yet not up to a micro perspective.


Roboclean water-based pore-free filter system combined with high suction power provides uninterrupted, effective cleaning. Dust is pulled and then trapped in the water basin while your home is revitalized with an aura of fresh, breathable air. 

Try it, feel the difference!  

More about our magic weapon:

Roboclean is a product with;

  • Advance technology
  • High quality
  • Contemporary and ergonomic design
  • Environment-friendly manufacturing
  • User friendly
  • A wide spectrum of accessories